T is for Tulips…Plant Them Deeply

Growing and changing as a person is not an easy task. Developing ourselves takes faith in God, a willingness to trust Him and to do the hard work, and it helps if we have patience and are persistent. With my own growth in mind, I set a goal for myself during my second fight with cancer. I wanted to memorize an important scripture in hopes that I could come to understand the lesson that God had for me in that very difficult time.

P is for: Sweet Peaches With a Sprinkle of Sugar and Extra Cream

It became nearly impossible to eat anything other than soft, bland foods or liquids for a number of weeks. To make things worse, the chemotherapy treatments caused most everything to taste and smell bad. There were few foods that I could eat without great difficulty. One of those foods was sweet, bottled, peaches--either plain, with cream, or made into peach smoothies. I had only canned twelve bottles of peaches the summer before, and when I reached that last bottle I felt distress as I still had weeks of treatment to complete.