Sharing Seeds Near and Far - Would gardening be so engaging if we planted the same things every season? National Seed Swap Day is coming up January 30th, so do a bit of research in advance to you can plan to attend a swap in your area.
Laundry Room Seedling Nursery - When we were new to gardening we purchased a lot of seedings from nearby nurseries. As I gained experience, I wanted to grow specific varieties that could not be found as seedlings. I wanted to grow these varieties for a number of reasons--primarily because they were adapted to my region, but also because they were know to be superior in flavor or some other quality. While the varieties could not be found as seedlings, the seeds could be purchased.
Pruning Fruit Trees - Saturday was sunny and not too cold, the perfect weather for pruning our fruit trees. Does pruning also hold a bit of mystery for you?…

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Start with Good Seeds - I buy from regional seed companies who cater primarily smaller scale growers and home gardeners. The best suppliers also operate their trial grounds and conduct regular germination tests. Take a look at one of their seed catalogs and you will note that such companies distinguish themselves by offering fantastic culture information about each plant. Reading these catalogs will provide a gardener with a lot of information about the advantages of different varieties and the way in which the best grow them.
My Late Night Habit - Do you make plans in the winter for the next gardening season? Do you peruse seed catalogs in January, start your seedlings in February, and erect a few cloches in March to allow the garden beds to dry? Maybe I’m the only one that finds myself thinking about the garden tasks that need doing on my commute home from work. In a way, getting out into the garden to make progress on just one goal is something that drives me during the day as if I’m rewarding myself for working hard at my job all day.