The ABC’s of Growing?  An explanation:

While I was sick, I felt an impression to share how God helped me to grow, and to share my passion for all things that grow. As I planned this website, I envisioned it to be a place that would help others, and a place where anyone could share a similar story. I thought a lot about the name, and came to feel certain that “What can He grow?” was the right name. I added the ABC’s for fun and as a challenge to encourage my writing with a topic for each of the 26 letters. Childlike fun adds joy to any endeavor! Besides, with an undergraduate degree is in elementary education and as a mother to four children, I have spent the last twenty years of my life re-living childhood.

Each of my blogs and podcasts (to come) will start with a letter of the alphabet. They are not in order. Real life is messy and never in perfect order anyway, right? Here are two example titles: “D is for” Dirt Doesn’t Hurt” and “P is for: Sweet Peaches With a Sprinkle of Sugar and Extra Cream.”

The theme of this section is life growth and those things that seed our growth. I will be posting something new to What can He grow? once a week on Wednesdays, you can count on it!

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