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P is for: Sweet Peaches With a Sprinkle of Sugar and Extra Cream

It became nearly impossible to eat anything other than soft, bland foods or liquids for a number of weeks. To make things worse, the chemotherapy treatments caused most everything to taste and smell bad. There were few foods that I could eat without great difficulty. One of those foods was sweet, bottled, peaches--either plain, with cream, or made into peach smoothies. I had only canned twelve bottles of peaches the summer before, and when I reached that last bottle I felt distress as I still had weeks of treatment to complete.

D is for: Dirt Doesn’t Hurt.

In life, difficulty, pain and disappointment do hurt, but they also give experience, perspective and perhaps most importantly, a profound gratitude for the gift of living. We can’t be afraid of life's dirt getting on us, or our children. Be willing to take your gloves off and embrace life’s dirt. Choose faith in His plan for you, over the fear and despair we face through our trials.

ABC’s of Growing

As I planned this website, I envisioned it to be a place that would help others, and a place where anyone could share a similar story. I thought a lot about the name, and came to feel certain that “What can He grow?” was the right name. I added the ABC’s for fun and as a challenge to encourage my writing with a topic for each of the 26 letters.