img_9313Hi, I am Jen. I am a redhead with a freckle-face. I have learned to love myself, freckles and all. I am married to the Midnight Gardener and we are parents to three daughters (Clever Girl, Critter Crazy, and Keepsake Collector) and one son (Mama’s Boy, yes he’s my baby). I do not apologize for loving all five of them to pieces. I am also a licensed Social Worker pursuing an advanced license.

I am not afraid of dirty hands or hard work. In fact, “Yes, please.” I love them both. I enjoy growing everything I can–with much help from the Midnight Gardener. I find peace from inspiring music, and I am an alto in the Seattle Ensign Symphony and Chorus. I love all things water, everyday healthful cooking, the outdoors, yoga and swimming.

I just turned 46-years old. I know most women don’t say their age out loud, but I do! Why? I am a three time cancer survivor: childhood ovarian cancer, stage 3A lung cancer (non-smoker) and melanoma. I celebrate every year that I am alive!

I believe in God, Jesus Christ and miracles–big and small.

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