How do you like to water the plants that surround your home or are in your garden? I love to put on the spray nozzle and go to town spraying water everywhere. It is generally a summer time ritual that soothes me. I know this method works well for the most part and plants will grow and flourish. However, the Midnight Gardner and I squabbled over this well known fact for awhile when we first started to garden.

He asserted that garden plants, especially seedlings will grow more productively if they are water at the base. The seedling trays are placed in trays filled with water and then they are soaked until heavy.  Once in the garden he has created a drip system that quietly waters each plant drip by drip by drip. Drop by drop.

Awe, this doesn’t stop me from my spray nozzle routine on other plants that need water. I am a bit too lazy to bend over at every plant to water but what I noticed after I watched this method for a couple of years (slow learner) is that the plants really perform, grow and produce so much better with a simple change in the way they are watered. Quiet watering is the key.

I have a two sisters who I adore! I really do. They are hilarious and get me and they really care about me and we sing together and we are basically dorky together and it is always fun and funny when we are together. Although, my sisters are younger than me my baby sister by ten years they really do guide me through their example. The baby sister gets me to do things I wouldn’t do, like speak Japanese when I am so shy about it or laugh when all I want to do is cry or cancel my cable after I have been saying I would do it for a couple of years. My other sister teaches me that sometimes it is best to be still, reflective and most importantly consistent in my spiritual life. She served a mission for our church in Samara, Russia and when she returned I noticed when we were together that no matter what time it was before bed she studied her scriptures, not just read thoughtfully studied.

I am still working on applying this practice into my daily life because I have a hard time sitting still but I have chosen to be better after spending seemingly,  unending hours in bed while fighting for life. God taught me through requiring my stillness so I could recover. Since learning this life lesson, I have come to understand that choosing stillness is a gift that only we can give ourselves. No one else can give this gift to us. What is the gift?  The gift only comes through quiet, reflective study and stillness and the gift is hearing Him to speak to you personally. I offer my personal witness that He has not left us alone and He still will and does speak to His children through the stillness and in His own time. I challenge you to start this daily practice, and you will notice that by small drip and quiet drop you will find joy and guidance through quiet waters.




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