Yesterday, was a typical NW Washington State drizzly day. A day that helps keep our state evergreen but when you have had a few too many these days you feel a little cloudy on the inside too 🌨 which was how I felt.

Today I felt more like this 👇🏻when I was visiting Arizona, sunny and happily enjoying the Midnight Gardener ‘s seed catalogs.

img_9493.jpg The more I garden with the Midnight Gardener the more excited I am each year to try new vegetable varieties. He is now telling me to choose a few less varieties. I am kind of a hypocrite because I have teased him so long about being like a kid in a candy shop when his January seed catalogs arrive but now I am gaining interest. Oh my!!

How do I choose the seeds each year? Well our growing season in the Northwest is shorter than the average so I look for seeds that say 65-70 days, seeds that will provide a pop of color in my summer sauce (purple or red carrots), new varieties or I just choose seeds that are different or kinda crazy. I also ensure that we aren’t low on the seeds that grow my favorites. For example, lemon cucumber, pink tye die tomatoes, flashy trouts back lettuce and yellow waxed beans.

I am agog (one of my son’s spelling words I thought I would try using) with excitement to share with you what seeds are new to me this year and I hope to plant.

These are all from the Territorial Seed Catalog, which is my current favorite. Happy seed buying. Territorial Seed Company Red Samurai Carrots

img_0938New variety of Tomatillos plus a ground cherry that seems very unusual.



Last two, a purple Kohlrobi and cucumber that I can grow right outside my door.

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