I have a remarkable Christmas story to share with you for this weeks post. No garden involved and perhaps this story should really be told by my oldest angel daughter as it is partly her story too but I share it with her permission from my perspective.

My cancer battle was fought during the Christmas season as well. I was near the end of my second round of chemotherapy during December 2014. I remember just feeling dazed, the days blurred together with sickness and nothingness. One late night our Clever Girl came home from babysitting and related this story to us.

She was a babysitter for two adorable young boys while in high school. She was taught by their kind mom to follow a structured bedtime routine. The boys brushed their teeth, were read several stories, said their prayers and then our tiny girl rocked the youngest in the rocking chair before he went to sleep. I loved the imagery of my daughter who is now near 5 feet 3 inches in height but then she was still under 5 feet and while the little guy she cared for was three he was not small for his age in fact he was very tall for his age. Funny to think about.

That night as she knelt by their bedside to listen to their prayers, she heard the oldest say, “Please bless Jennifer Stallings that she will be made well from her sickness.” Tears brimmed our daughter’s eyes as she heard her mother being prayed for. She told us, “He didn’t even know that he was praying for my mom to survive, this was just a nightly prayer he offered.”

What I realized over time and what gave me a sparkle of hope was his prayer was not the only angel child’s prayer that was offered on my behalf during those long months. Prayers were offered by my own dear children, children in my church family, my niece’s and nephew’s, cousins, and our children’s friends and schoolmates. I felt these prayers strengthen my resolve to survive, push past the darkness and into the light of a new day to live, survive and finally thrive.

I have learned through a few difficult experiences that the faith of a child is more powerful than we can fully comprehend. God does hear and answer a child’s prayer, maybe not right away or exactly as we hoped for but He hears and answers perfectly. Merry Christmas!



  1. Sweet prayers are heard in heaven. You’re here because he heard those prayers and through your faith and others you were healed. What a marvelous miracle.😍😉👍🏻

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