It is time to begin garden preparations for winter. In the fall, there are a few preparations that are needed for the garden to be at rest during the winter and ready once spring arrives for another season. The principal activities involve cleaning up crop residues, cultivating the soil to remove weeds and shape the rows or beds, and feeding the soil by sowing cover-crops and/or applying compost.

Last year the rains came before we took these steps and when spring arrived, everything was a mess and my kids and I paid the price of endless hours spent weeding and preparing the garden. This fall we are trying a new technique. We purchased a massive tarp (24′ x 100′), and once an inch or two of compost is in place, we plan to fully cover our garden soil. The tarp will function as an occultation cover that should eliminate surface weeds and weed seeds, as well as create a rich environment for earthworms. Additionally, come spring, the plastic will allow us to plant the beds right away, rather than have to wait for the soil to dry out. What we have learned about this practice leads us to have faith that this method will prepare our soil to be weed-free, rich and fertile for a productive garden in the coming (1)

Due to a mistake on my part, this entry was published last week, before I had finished it. So, you got a sneak peak! Last week I was also sick with a stomach virus. My parents were visiting, so they took care of my kids as my husband was traveling for work. I was sick enough that I couldn’t get out of bed and I was unable to attend the performance dress rehearsal of the Ensign Symphony & Chorus, of which I am a member. As I was trying to fall asleep that night, I thought about all the work I have put into learning and memorizing the music, learning the lyrics and traveling back and forth to Seattle to practice. I was determined not to miss the performance! So I did what I was taught to do from my childhood. I asked my Dad for a priesthood blessing. If you don’t know what I mean by a blessing, and want to understand more then please click this link to learn about Blessings of God’s Priesthood Power. My Dad gave me a blessing and left the room so I could rest. Within myself I exercised my own faith to be healed, and I then fell asleep. I woke up at 1:30 a.m. and I felt so much better.

What is faith? To me it is knowing that good will come no matter what happens to us. Live, die or suffer the challenges in between, good will come through faith in God and Jesus Christ. This simple faith is one of my greatest strengths. For me, the hard part has been developing a depth to my faith that enables me to believe that no matter what difficult winters I must go through, good will come of the trials.

Since my cancer diagnosis in 2015, I have struggled to keep the sunshine in my life when everything seems to be dark. I have been buoyed up by courage and faith. At times I have felt covered over by a large tarp within which the sunshine just cannot get in. I have often felt that the “me” within is working to outlast the winter, and to witness the snow and the cold turn to a beautiful spring. I am getting there little by little, day-by-day, continually working on my faith that no matter what, good and God will come.

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