I want you to show you our homegrown watermelons. They were so amazing this year!! Ha ha, amazingly tiny!! They just didn’t turn out as expected or planned–and we’ve grown wonderful melons in other years. One of our children proclaimed, “Mom why does this watermelon taste like a cucumber?” Wow, now that is a statement every gardener wants to hear. Nope, not at all!

Our expectations are so often way off, are not met, and simply are not reality. Why do we approach everything with so many expectations? Should we have any at all? Perhaps being comfortable with the uncertainty of not knowing and expecting the unexpected may be a wiser approach in life. 

The word “unexpected” is often used in our home. Life just keeps us guessing and curious as to why things often don’t go as we planned. My Dad told me on the phone the other night that he thinks God must have a great sense of humor. I think that is likely true but I also believe that His intended course for us is never our own because who would choose to have cancer, have a life long illness or get hit by a car, etc.? Ahhh, that would be no one. 

When the unexpected occurs (and it will) we can fuss and pout and vow not to plant watermelons ever again, but really what good comes from all that whining? In my experience the refinement and growth that comes from the unexpected has been life changing. Of course we are allowed to whine sometimes… I whined and complained through my surgeries and treatments, but I also made great efforts to fight against negativity and whining and tried very hard to find joy in this unbelievably difficult “unexpected” turn.

When the unexpected occurs give yourself time to adjust to the new course, it is okay to be sad for a time, but intentionally revaluate, make a new plan and start again. The Midnight Gardener and I are already discussing the reasons our watermelons were so tiny and what we can improve on next year. We are also still celebrating the amazing tomato crop we had this year. It is true–our tomato plants are still producing beautifully. 

Celebrate what is abundant in your life! Accept the unexpected and trust that God’s plan for you, though it may be a completely unexpected turn of events, will be just what you need.

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