Before my husband begins to post in this section, let me first show him to you through my eyes via the following story. Then I’ll tell you the story of how I came to call him The Midnight Gardener.

My husband gives very thoughtful gifts. After reading some of my stories and hearing my desire to share them, he gave me this website for my 45th birthday. Cool idea, huh? And, when I was fighting cancer in 2014, he ordered cancer awareness ribbon pins and wristbands to give to friends and family to wear in support of my fight. He even gave a pin to my thoracic surgeon. I would see it, pinned to the lapel of her white lab coat, each time I met with her, and now at my six month visits. You may or may not know this, but there are defined awareness colors for each kind of cancer. Lung cancer awareness is with a white ribbon. Doing this for me was wonderful, but it isn’t the gift I want to tell you about.

img_4862My favorite uncle (who is a landscape architect) came to stay with me during my treatments. He improved the landscaping in a section of my yard, starting a shade garden and planting several hostas. The Midnight Gardener, my endearing husband, finished this garden and surprised me by adding an array of flowering plants such that something will be in bloom year round, and all with white blossoms. He called it Jennifer’s Garden. Now, just out my window, I have a reminder that I am alive and still blooming. I love this man of mine!

Now, why the name The Midnight Gardener? My husband is the son of a plant scientist and he spent many days in test fields or in the home garden working with his dad in the soil. He spent a few summers on his grandparent’s farm, wishing he was big enough to lift a hay bale. I think he was around growing plants so much that learning how to grow a fantastic garden became a natural passion for him. He is also a detailed planner who likes work done to the highest quality. Need I say more? This work takes time. And when does a busy husband and father get time to work in the garden? Well, after work, helping with homework, bedtime stories and occasionally the dishes, he has a bit of time to head outdoors. The Midnight Gardner owns many headlamps, and construction-style outdoor lights. He can be seen in the vegetable garden late into the evening, sometime until midnight and beyond. In fact, it is true that I have had the neighbors call to warn me of what they perceived to be the flashlights of backyard intruders. I chuckled as I told them, “It is just my husband, the Midnight Gardener!”

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